I'm a designer + maker. I rescue and liberate vintage maps and paper, among other things.

JonathonWayneHi, I’m Jonathon Wayne. I’m an artist and designer currently studying at one of Canada’s premier art schools, Emily Carr University of Art + Design in Vancouver, British Columbia.

I was born and raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba, splitting my summers between a little cabin on the Canadian Shield and my families’ farm. After a decade of working in non-profits I realized I needed to pursue my creative side. I dropped everything and moved across the country.

My journey took me across Canada’s open prairies, towering mountain peaks and gorgeous river valleys. I settled beside the ocean and started creating in my cozy little apartment in East Vancouver.

My work embodies this journey. It’s caught between two worlds, harnessing the beautiful contradictions contained within the simple life living on the prairies and the hustle and bustle of the city. I’m drawn to the romantic ideals buried in our collective histories and my work fuses that aesthetic with a modern simplicity.

My vintage map coasters are my first project, breathing new life into original reclaimed vintage maps and turning them into new functional pieces for your home. The design is sustainable, ethical and eco-conscious. I firmly believe in creating supportive, creative, and collaborative communities and that my work should give back, both to the community and our shared environment.

My design practice and principles are a constantly evolving work in progress. I love pursuing my creative side, but my ultimate goal is to create social value and give back to society.
Thanks for joining me on this journey,

Jonathon Wayne

PS – I am often asked if Jonathon Wayne is my real name. The short answer is yes, it is. Well, Jonathon Wayne Sopotiuk to be exact. Most of my friends call me Jonny for short and you can too.

Wayne, it’s my middle name and he’s my uncle. My mom, well, she says I wasn’t named after that legendary cowboy, John Wayne. Really, she insists. It just so happens that John Wayne was her favourite. And ‘The Duke’, well, it was my nickname as a kid. Mom, I’m not convinced.

Although my creative project (well, my whole life, actually) is named after that legendary cowboy, you won’t be finding any Western-inspired designs in my collection. At least not this year, partner.

* Photos by Justin Ng Photography: http://justin-ng.net