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BC Linocut Print Coasters

This Friday to Sunday is the annual Emily Carr Student Art Sale here in Vancouver, BC. In stereotypical art student fashion I finished my new work just in time to make the final drop off deadline. In my defense, the idea for this project only came to me while I was in bed the previous night trying unsuccessfully to fall asleep.

I decided to try a new linocut printing technique for the coasters in the art sale. I’ve never done linocuts before, so I’m super pumped at how they turned out and wanted to share it with all of you! I ended up doing a non-stop overnight print run from 9 pm until 8 am. After 150 prints, a sleepless night and school at 830 the next morning here are the final results. These BC coasters will be available exclusively at the Student Art Sale (while supplies last) and will likely be a limited edition run given the time required for each coaster.

 I’d love to hear what you think, and while you’re at it check out some of the process pictures below!

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