The Etsy Schools program, launching across Canada this fall, will provide Canadian students with the tools and support to help launch their creative careers.

Etsy Canada Schools Program Launch

I’m currently sitting at a hot spot desk at the Centre for Social Innovation Annex in Toronto, Ontario. This amazing building full of passionate and creative organizations houses the Etsy Canada HQ.

I made the trip out to Toronto to work on the new Etsy Ambassadors program that is being launched at schools across Canada this Fall. The program was piloted at a handful of select Canadian schools this past year with huge success.

The program was created to address the simple fact that a huge percentage of art and design students stop creating work after they graduate. Our schools and institutions need to be doing more to empower students to make a living after they graduate. Etsy has recognized this need and is working to provide the tools and supports Canadian art + design students need to launch their creative careers.

Over 900,000 independent makers (artists, designers, craftspeople, artisans and vintage dealers) from around the world make Etsy their home. With another 30 million registered buyers and handmade lovers the Etsy community is massive.

Etsy is the platform that launched my design practice only a few short years ago and because of it I’ve had the privilege of selling my work to clients across the world. Small retailers across Canada, including my very first shop: Brick & Mortar Living in New Westminster, BC, have also found me on Etsy and now carry my work in their beautiful stores.

As a part of the program Etsy is offering 20 FREE listings for sellers when they start up a new Etsy shop. In a few short minutes students can kick start their careesr and open an Etsy online shop. We’ve also created an Etsy team and community here for Emily Carr students, alumni, faculty & staff.

Interested in more information on the Etsy Canada Schools Program? Leave a comment below or connect with me on twitter. And stay tuned for more announcements in the coming weeks!

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